The EnergyCloud Energy Management Platform

The simple and intuitive cloud solution for Energy Efficiency

EnergyCloud is an energy management software solution that easily and intuitively manages and organizes energy consumption data for small and large businesses in the industrial, commercial and service sectors / public administration.



allows you to our Plug&Play solution lets you monitor and analyze data from any type of sensor, counter or meter, from an IoT perspective, regarding the usage of electricity, water, compressed air, natural gas and steam without having to manage complex implementations or installations.


Compare individual sites, shops, areas, factories or industrial processes by monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real time.

Dashboard & Widgets

Easily and intuitively customize your dashboard to meet your specific needs, so you can save time and cut the costs typically associated with specific custom programming.


Automatically create and export reports that include graphs and energy analyses for diagnosing, auditing and benchmarking.

Why choose EnergyCloud?

EnergyCloud is an easy-to-integrate SaaS solution that is easy to upgrade and saves you money.


Easy Updates

Our solution updates automatically without having to download and install software, because PHPower regularly makes new releases available.

Favorable Costs

The EnergyCloud solution is offered as an SaaS subscription, with no license fees. You don’t have to worry about managing your IT infrastructure, specialized personnel, or software and hardware.

Easy Integration

EnergyCloud also supports the energy monitoring sensors you may already have installed, and with our API and Web Service, you can manage data more flexibly by integrating data from our solution into your management infrastructure.

Accounting processes

EnergyCloud can simplify and improve the administrative processes you use to account for and reconcile energy costs and to manage utility bills, offering opportunities for further savings.

Implementation on computers and mobile devices

Available on any computer or mobile device, anywhere, anytime.

Discover all the features of the platform

EnergyCloud lets you to focus on generating energy savings and makes it easy for you and your company to collect, store and process data.


7 important features of EnergyCloud

1. Display the consumption of your users in real time.

Our flexible customization feature for aggregating platform data lets you measure areas and aggregates of users.

2. Display the energy production of your facilities in real time and maximize the use of your energy.

You can monitor your own energy production from your generators in real time (photovoltaic systems, co/trigenerators, hydro-electric systems, generators, etc.).


3. Multi-site display.

Display consumption and analysis data for multiple buildings, shops, factories and facilities on the same interface.

4. Alarms and thresholds.

The alarms and thresholds function lets you receive and send notifications, SMS or emails to the managers of your company in the event of abnormal consumption values or malfunctions.


5. API & Web Service

Our protocols for exchanging information or requesting online services lets you share information from our system with your management or ERP infrastructure.


6. Reports

Download and customize periodic reports with graphs and analytical descriptions, which can be used as a basis for presentations audits and diagnostics.


7. Data Analysis

Advanced Benchmarks

An advanced benchmark is a reference with which to compare the performance of a given machine, line, facility, etc., and helps to show the system operator how the performance of your machinery compares to that of your competition and to the new technologies on the market.



Creates a direct relationship between a generic number of sensors. Users can choose the sensors they want to compare by using a special form. The time interval to be extracted from the time series is user-selectable and can be varied for each sensor. The graph that is generated immediately shows the difference between the selected sensors at a given moment in time.


How is data integrated into the platform?

The EnergyCloud Gateway

The gateway is the logical bridge between the hardware in the field and the EnergyCloud platform. It is a simple and direct interface between a wide range of industrial and consumer meters, making it possible for all industries, including the service / public administration, commercial and industrial sectors, to use EnergyCloud.


Connectivity to EnergyCloud is available over a wide variety of media, including:


Wired Networks (Ethernet)

Wireless (WiFi)

Mobile (4G/LTE)

EnergyCloud can communicate natively on IEEE485 serial lines using Modbus protocol (RTU). 
EnergyCloud can also interface a wide range of monitoring and automation protocols accessible via IP connection (e.g. Modbus TCP, etc.).


Gateway Features

Defines and implements monitoring logic according to your needs.


Data Usability

Adapts, converts, and pre-processes data from field meters for use in the cloud.

Data Retention

Data retention is the first level of access and fault tolerance of the EnergyCloud solution. It ensures that measured data is retained in the event of brief connectivity failures to the cloud (over the Internet).


EnergyCloud supports an initial level of fault diagnostics on data monitoring lines and allows the visual identification of a series of faults, such as the lack of Internet connectivity, the interruption of a Modbus line or the failure of one of the monitored devices to respond.


Allows the rapid identification of the causes of malfunctions and the reduction of intervention times in the event of a fault in the monitoring lines.

Easy and cost-effective integration

If you have already installed sensors for energy monitoring or for any other importable value/dimension (PLC, Scada, BMS, etc.), you can integrate these sensors into the EnergyCloud platform with costs, including the Gateway, for acquiring, storing, processing and sending data to the platform.

Gateway advantages

Technology that matches your monitoring goals without constraints or lack of flexibility.



The flexibility of the EnergyCloud gateway software lets you take an incremental approach to facility monitoring. You can incorporate new sensors as needed. The technology of these sensors is determined according to your monitoring objectives and is not limited in any way by constraints imposed by the gateway itself.

Modular structure

The modular software used on the gateway, combined with the excellent computational capabilities of the hardware platform, ensure extensibility and an easy “expansion” that is difficult to obtain on typical industrial gateways.


Easy Extension and Integration

The key to the EnergyCloud service is that it allows the seamless integration of new functions and updates without having to perform invasive operations on the installed equipment.

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