PHPower’s integrated energy efficiency and monitoring solution

EnergyCheckUp is the PHPower solution that helps you to evaluate your consumption and to plan and implement measures for energy efficiency, supporting you from the very beginning through the creation of an ad hoc designed and carefully thought-out pipeline.

EnergyCheckUp provides you with a detailed analysis of your consumption, a cost-benefit ranking of potential efficiency measures and, once you have identified your plan of action, you can benefit from the group’s guaranteed loan

Discover the three main EnergyCheckUp phases:

Energy monitoring


Energy analysis


EPC Contract


Energy monitoring


Energy analysis


EPC Contract


1. Energy monitoring

Keep track of your consumption and the performance of your equipment.

1. Analysis of documentation

(energy audit, single-line wiring diagrams and electricity supply bills for one year);

2. Identification of the number and type of optimal users to be monitored;

3. Two-year SaaS subscription to the EnergyCloud Platform

For all the monitored points, including access to the features and analytics that will be illustrated during the previous events;

4. Quarterly reports for the first twelve months of monitoring,

including energy/economic figures, KPI forecasts for consumption/production for each department and the related trends over time;

2. Energy Analysis

Identify energy efficiency measures and implement your Business Plan

1. Facilities Analysis

for the individualization of possible energy retrofits;

2. Energy analysis

of the company’s production, logistics and organizational processes, for the individualization of possible energy inefficiencies;

3. Technical inspections

with the study and implementation of the energy efficiency operation sheets and the related cost/benefit analysis;

4. Feasibility studies

for the identified solutions with their related return times and priority sharing with the customer.

3. EPC Contract

Sign your Energy Performance Contract, the transparent, secure and productive agreement in partnership with the Elettra Investimenti Group.

After the Energy Monitoring and Analysis phases, you will have the opportunity to access the EPC in order to perform the identified operations.

The contract, which is based on the principle of guaranteeing energy performance, allows you to access the operation under the full protection of the Elettra Investimenti Group, which will be responsible for the financing. The investments will be supported through the shared savings achieved by means of this partnership.

What is an EPC?

An EPC is a transparent contract with guaranteed results

The Energy Performance Contract is a transparent contractual agreement between the beneficiary and the supplier of an energy efficiency improvement measure with guaranteed results, which bears the cost of the initial investment and is repaid by the owners or operators of the facilities with the profit resulting from the guaranteed energy savings.

How does an EPC work?

The EPC is based on the “Shared Savings” formula, i.e., the sharing of the energy savings between the customer and the supplier. These savings are measured after the implementation of the operations and monetized with pre-defined methods by means of a transparent agreement.

The Elettra Investimenti Group will coordinate all activities for the design, implementation, management and maintenance of the specified operation and will assume the technical risks of the financial risk and of the technical and legal guarantee for the effective achievement of the projected result.

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